WedFest Perth 2021

WedFest Perth is here!

What did WedFest Perth 2021 look like?

All images captured by Shoshana Kruger Photography

What Vendors Were There?

The team for WedFest Perth 2021 was:

  • Iconic Weddings (Nat) – wedding planning and support
  • Shoshana Kruger Photography (Shosh) – photography
  • Married By Brooke (Brooke) – celebrant
  • Fete Luxe (Kristy) – florals and styling
  • Through The White Door (Vicky) – bridal gowns
  • Caravan and Tonic (Fisher & Keziah) – mobile caravan bar
  • Andrea Cake Atelier (Andrea) – cake designer

What did people have to say about WedFest Perth 2021?

Did you know?

So much of nailing your wedding planning v’s it being a total nightmare event (both prior to and on the day) comes down to only a few key things…..

  • Get your foundations sorted before you do anything!
  • Choose reliable, experienced suppliers for things that are of importance to you.
  • Be organised and be very clear in your communication to EVERYONE involved. 

Not sure how to do any of this or what is involved?

Then you need to join us for WedFest Perth.

Join us

Why join us at the next WedFest Perth?

Because we know what you are going through.

We know the common headaches, speedbumps, issues and sinkholes that come with planning a wedding, and we want to help as many couples as possible avoid these issues.

We want you to be the couple that say after it is all done…. “I LOVED planning my wedding”. We want you to be able to live freely after your big day – not tied down with debt or ongoing conflicts from the day.

And we want to help you create lifelong treasured memories that will be a part of your story forever.