Personalised Wedding Planning services

Assistance when and how you need it

Planning your wedding can be exciting and fun. It is so satisfying to see your vision come to life for your special day and make it what you want.


wedding planning can also be challenging and time consuming, overwhelming and stressful. It is so easy for your budget to spiral out of control and confusion to set in as you attempt to understand the quotes, supplier information, options and the logistics of pulling it all together. Like doing a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces begin to look the same!

Sometimes you just need to be steered in the right direction; be given some assistance to pull it all together; know the tips and tricks to keep it in your budget; or just someone around to be able to ask questions and bounce ideas off.

Someone to hold your hand when you need the help.

Personalised wedding planning consultancy

How I can Help

How Does This Work?


Quite simply, really…..

Once you’ve established exactly what help you require, we need lock in a time to meet.

This can be a face-to-face meeting OR online. It’s your choice.


We meet! Over coffee or wine, I’m not fussy!!

And we talk everything about your wedding day and you.


I will send you notes on what we discussed so you can refer back to it and copies of all my planning tools.

Armed with these tools, tips and direction you are now ready to get planning!!

But don’t worry… I’m only an email away if you have any more questions.



2hr Planning Session


- 2hr face-to-face planning meeting -

Perfect for the couple who is just starting out with their planning or for those stuck along the way, our time together will give you the confidence and clarity to move forward with your planning – so you can be THAT couple who loved planning their wedding day!

This is your time for personalised help to sort out the issues you are facing and how to nail the rest of your planning. Without any judgement, expectations or inexperienced opinions that everyone else brings.

Following our meeting, you will receive meeting noteswith your wedding planning roadmap and copies of my  electronic templates to make your life so much easier.


Help Along The Way


- 1hr online planning meeting -

A special priced package for those who have had a “Get Me Moving” meeting but need some more help along their planning journey.

Use this 1 hour online meeting to get more supplier recommendations, fine tune your Run Order, design your Floor Plan, check that you haven’t missed anything and ready for your dream day.

With this package you will receive a copy of our meeting notes and any additional electronic templates that you may need.


The Whole Way


- 12 mths of wedding planning meetings & support -

Like having a wedding planner in your pocket, we will meet online every month throughout your wedding planning journey to keep you on track, on budget and loving the planning process!

If you are able to plan your own wedding but want the ongoing, consistent support and experienced advice from someone who has done it many times over, this is the perfect service for you.

Book a time to chat via the button above to see if this is what you need.


Please note – this package includes a max of 12 meetings. If you require more meetings, please ask for an extended package price.

Need More Info?

Send me a message and I’ll be in touch to see how I can help you.

Are you looking for some templates, information and a step-by-step wedding planning guide to make your planning journey even easier?

Well look no further…. I have got you covered!

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