Your personalised wedding plan for stress-free planning

Are you just starting your wedding planning and already confused by all the options?

Are you mindful of how much you spend, especially as you have no idea how much things cost?

Is your head spinning trying to figure out what you want, what you need and how it all happens?

Planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting and special times of your life. But sadly weddings are notorious for causing conflict and stress, as you are embarking on creating something that you have little to no experience in doing.

 It is so easy for your budget to spiral out of control and confusion to set in as you attempt to understand the quotes, supplier information, options and the logistics of pulling it all together. Like doing a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces begin to look the same!

And although you are special, your problems will not be unique, as I have seen it so many times before.

I know that the secret to stress-free wedding planning is to take the time to lay your foundations BEFORE you book anything.

I have seen how present couples are to soak up every bit of their magical day when they have invested money to work with someone who knows the industry.

Which is why this service is for you – NOW!

Personalised wedding planning consultancy

Your personalised wedding planning roadmap will:


Investment: $379

How Does This Work?

Quite simply, really…..

We meet face to face over coffee or wine, I’m not fussy!!

And then we get busy laying the foundations of your day and nutting out what you want for your dream day.


I will send you your personalised wedding planning roadmap so you are ready to tackle your planning with confidence and clarity.


Do you want to be THAT couple that loved planning their wedding?

2hr Planning Session

You only get to plan your wedding once. So why not love every second of it?

Book your Wedding Planning Roadmap session NOW and let me give you the gift of confidence and clarity to allow you to love this special time in your life.


Need More Info?

Send me a message and I’ll be in touch to see how I can help you.

Are you looking for some templates, information and a step-by-step wedding planning guide to make your planning journey even easier?

Well look no further…. I have got you covered!

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