Wedding planning assistance



Wedding planning assistance for the couple who wants the best of both worlds

“Wedding planning is like a full-time job”

These were the words of one of my brides. And she couldn’t be more correct. There’s the hours upon hours of research. Emails. Data recording. Setting up systems. Budget management……. and that’s if everything goes to [plan (spoiler alert… it rarely does!)

What you need is someone who has done this before. Someone who knows the tips and tricks to be aware of. Someone who has a system for bringing to life your dream into reality.

This service is exactly that.

The best of both worlds – being able to plan your wedding BUT with the assistance and experience of someone who has done it MANY times before. 

It is step by step guidance and assistance throughout the entire wedding planning journey through regular meetings, supplier recommendations and template supply.

wedding planning assistance

The “Help Me Through” package includes:

  • Quarterly meetings to review and plan next steps
  • Site visit to walk through plans
  • Personalised supplier recommendations
  • Wedding planning timeline guidance
  • Ongoing email support
  • Budget management and payment reminders
  • A copy of all meeting notes for future reference
  • Email and blank formatted spreadsheet templates supplied
  • All necessary paperwork completed for suppliers and venue – Floor Plan, Supplier List, Run Order