Wedding Coaching; Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner v’s Wedding Coach

Weddings can be a beast of a thing. And knowing how to plan a wedding can feel like you are trying to tame the beast! They have so many moving parts; so many people to coordinate; so many expectations and opinions to navigate. I don’t think I’m off the mark to say that weddings can consume and overwhelm us – if we let it!



So to have a wedding planner is a fabulous idea.

Someone who loves checklists, spreadsheets and To Do lists.

Someone who knows the steps to take to make a wedding happen.

Someone who has the tips and tricks to stay on budget and still create the vision you want. Someone who knows who to trust to do an incredible job.



But what if you don’t have the budget for a wedding planner?


Or what if you are organised and can do some of the elements yourself but still need that helping hand and experienced head to guide you through the process?

Wedding Coaching; Wedding Planner

Enter: A Wedding Coach   (oh hi, that’s me!)

A Wedding Coach (or Wedding Consultant) does exactly what the name says – 

they are an experienced person who works with you (or “coaches” you) along the journey of planning your wedding to keep the process simple and enjoyable whilst avoiding the stress and
overwhelm so often associated with wedding planning.


They are your go-to person with questions.

Your sounding board for concerns.

Someone to ask for recommendations.

And a personal cheerleader to keep you moving in the right direction.


A Wedding Coach is perfect for those couples who:

  •      don’t need someone to do all the planning for them – they are organised and happy to do some of the admin and research themselves.
  •      want the support of an experienced person in the industry
  •      want the guidance of someone who understands their vision for the day and can advise
    how to organise the logistics to bring this vision to life.


Working with a Wedding Coach involves intermittent meetings (ideally face to face or
online) to review what has been done and what needs to happen next.

The aim of these meetings is to give you a plan, the tools, clarify and confidence to go away and work on the next items on your To Do list until the next time you meet.

Wedding planning with couples

So how does that differ to a Wedding Planner?

You are paying a Wedding Planner for their time, both to meet and advise, but also to do all the background legwork and admin.


A Wedding Coach will leave you to do the background admin work (essentially emails, data recording, meetings with suppliers) – making it a more cost-effective service for those organised couples.



So if you are trying to decide whether to have a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coach or neither, ask yourself the following questions:


1.      Do I need assistance to organise my wedding?

a.      Hell yes! Just make it happen!

b.      I’d love to do some of it but want someone I can ask for help along the way.

c.       Nope! I’ve got this.


2.      Am I willing to organise all the elements of my wedding?

a.      No way! I’m not organised, don’t have the time, and / or don’t want to do it!

b.      I can definitely do some of it but can see the value (for my budget and stress levels!) to have someone to guide me along the way.

c.       I want to do it all myself – this is my jam and I’m totally capable of doing it and / or I don’t have the budget to do it so will just make it happen.


3.      Do I have money in my budget for external help?

a.      Yep. Take my money and make it happen!

b.      Not really, but I will make it happen to have that peace of mind and assistance along the way (and knowing it will probably save me money in the long run anyway).

c.       Not a chance!



What do my answers mean?

If you answered a) all the way…. A wedding planner is definitely for you.



If your answers were b) – then we need to talk. A Wedding Coach is the perfect service for you to have that balance of some help mixed with your skills to get the job done.



And if your answers were mostly c) it seems that you better roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. There are loads of free resources available on the internet – just make sure you don’t spend all of your time chasing these resources and that the ones you finally choose are suitable for you and how you work.




Still confused about what a Wedding Coach does, click here to have a look at the services and packages I offer – this will give you a good idea as to how you can work with a Wedding Coach like me.

Otherwise, shoot me an email with what you need help with and see if my services fit your needs.



Happy planning!

Nat x



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