Top Tips on How to Plan Your Wedding From Perth Wedding Suppliers – Part 2

Wedding planning can be painful, overwhelming and tedious…. but it doesn’t have to be.

This entire blog is focused on providing tips and tricks on how to plan your wedding and begin searching for your perfect Perth wedding supplier.

Buckle in for Part 2 – I hope it’s helpful for you.

FOOD – GRAZING TABLES – The Long Table Perth

How to select a grazing table company?
1. Make sure you check that your caterer is business registered and has gone through the proper food-safe handling course.

2. Also, make sure that they are operating from an appropriately licensed commercial kitchen. This is the first common-sense step to take in your first contact with a caterer. You want to make sure you’re taking care of your guests!

3. Next, check the reviews. What are people saying about them? Keep your Google search local. So, if you’re living in Perth, google “Grazing tables Perth”.

How to get a quote and what to include?
1. What Is Your Budget? – A grazing table does not have to be expensive. Just remember it’s a GRAZING table. Let us know your budget and we will work our magic.

2. How Many People Do You Expect? – We are flexible. We can either cater per person or per budget. And if you’re on a REALLY tight budget, go for our Grazing Boxes which will save you heaps, but you have to provide the boards – buy or hire – and do the styling of the table yourself.

3. What Kind Of Set-Up Do You Want?
• Grazing table styles are as varied as there are personal likes and dislikes. Styling is the key that makes or breaks a grazing table. Some people prefer to have their food only on plates or serving boards. However, the most popular style is the “scatter table” look – we call it “structured messiness” • We also need to know if you have allergies such as hay fever – can you imagine the disaster for the bride/groom/bridesmaids/etc to go near a table styled with pollen-reeking flowers?

• We generally need to know the size of the table or counter on which to lay the food; whether you want a rustic look or a formal look; or whether you have special items that you want to incorporate into the table (e.g. a wedding cake).

4. Make Your Food Selection
• Food on a grazing table is typically finger food – bite-sized and served with napkins and toothpicks. It is best to choose food that can be eaten either cold or at room temperature and won’t perish easily as the food items will be sitting out for some time.

• Is your table STRICTLY a grazing table? Do you want to include savouries? Or you could think, “Hang the calories!” and go for a decadent grazing table of glorious desserts.

Things couples need to consider when involving you.
1. It is very important to let us know about your guests’ dietary requirements and food preferences. We need to know all these as it affects the way we prepare, pack the food for transport to the venue and display the food. And yes, we can come up with some tasty alternatives for them.

2. The other thing to consider is, are you going to have kids’ options? Most of the time, kids will just eat from the same table but we’ve had requests for a smaller, separate grazing spread for the kids.

3. The hardest thing is making a choice – so many selections!! If you can’t make up your mind, you can just leave it to us as some of our customers have done.

Whatever you choose for your final list, The Long Table Perth can assure you of a table full of flavours and textures to ensure that your guests remember and talk about your Special Day for a long, long time.


How to select a caterer?
In my opinion, when considering a catering business that doesn´t have a place for people to go and try the food, there are 3 sources I consider the most important –

1. Get the opportunity to try the food of the company, in any event, you have been invited.

2. Google reviews – we are not in pages such as Tripadvisor, Zomato, etc.. so Google is our main source to show the people what our customers think about their experience.

3. Word of mouth

How to get a quote from you and what information needs to be included?
Contact us by phone, email, website, Instagram, ..any of them. We reply very quickly and we provide really easy communication.

We just need an estimation of numbers and a date to check availability, especially in spring/summer.

Things couples need to consider when involving you?
That they are going to love the paellas 🙂

Just consider:

1. We normally cook outdoors (we can do indoor in big spots)

2. The space we would need for our set up is normally not more than 3m2 for big functions.

3. We bring everything we need.


How to select a drinks supplier?
You will find that by using an independent supplier you have a single point of contact, someone able to offer valuable advice from experience, able to give a higher level of service than a chain superstore.

Free delivery of the drinks, ready-chilled to the venue is important! You want to be able to focus on your special day without any added stress!

How to get a quote and what to include?
Visit our website at the or send us an email to:


1. Date

2. Number of guests

3. Venue location

4. Any “must haves”

5. Anything to avoid

Things couples need to consider when involving you
The Freo Doctor specialises in handpicking the best, with a heavy focus on WA wineries and breweries. Whether you are interested in going on consumption, or for a drinks package with no limits, we offer no-obligation independent advice, and would love to work with you to get you whatever you are looking for!

DJ – Anytime DJ

How to select a DJ?
1. Start with yourselves. Like the rest of your wedding, it needs to be a reflection of you (not your parents, not your maid of honour). Think about your musical tastes, do you love live music like a band, or do you prefer something edgier like a DJ?

2. Start with social media. Why? It’s as current as it gets. If people like them, you’ll see, if people don’t like them, you will definitely see! You will get a clear picture of what their identity is and the results they typically produce at their events.

a. Page likes and followers – take this with a grain of salt, they can easily be purchased! A company with 300likes could give a better experience than one with 2000 likes.

3. Reviews – they’re everywhere, on Google connected to their website, or on Facebook. Don’t just look at the review quantity as again, they can be purchased, read the reviews and see how engaged the person is giving the review with the business. What level of detail do they talk about their experience? Also look for the responding engagement from the company.

4. Then – Meet the DJ! Ask to catch up with them and grill them as much as you can – they have an immense responsibility to the biggest day of your life! You will know within the first 30seconds if you want to hire them or not.

Make sure you’re meeting the person who will be DJ’ing for you, not the person who runs the bookings for the business, there is a very big difference!

How to get a quote and what to include?
Get in touch! When booking DJ’s you want to be giving them the following to enable them to quote easily:

• Date

• Venue

• Length of time needed to DJ (total booked hours like 6pm-12am)

• Guest numbers (approx)

Any other important info?
DJ Jimmy’s other useful information for couples:

1. Money –

a. Be prepared to pay a deposit to commit, this can vary from 10-50% of the gig fee and it is often not refundable

b. Perth wedding DJ prices sit between $650 and $2000. Standards will vary dramatically in that range from booth setups, PA type, lighting, booking experience, MC’ing being included and so on

2. Music – All music for formalities should be supplied by your DJ. The only time they should be requesting your assistance to supply it is for cultural music (i.e traditional Polish folk dancing music that your typical Australian DJ wouldn’t have), or a large period of a non-commercial genre.

3. Working with your DJ – LEAN ON THEM. Ask them questions, LOTS!

Trust your DJ and their input when they see a potential problem.

4. The final piece of advice we give all clients before their big day is to allow yourselves to enjoy your big day.

HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST – Gamine Dynasty

How to select a Hair & Makeup Artist?
1. I would ask for recommendations for a HMUA (or separate hairdresser and separate makeup artist) for the type of hair style and makeup look you are wanting.

2. Look through our Instagram pages and find who can create the overall style or look you are after. We are creative “artists” after all so we all do things differently and have specialities which we do best. Example – I, myself am a fully qualified hair makeup artist specialising in glowing fresh skin, smokey brown – pink – bronzed and peach nudes with fluffy natural lashes teamed with an effortless, soft and unstructured hair up or “I woke up like this” waves. I am lucky to have a team of artists who all have a similar look and style to what I call the Gamine Styling however we all excel better in different aspects so I like to team up my clients with the right stylist not only for look but personality too. Got to love the look AND the experience.

3. How quickly does the stylist get back to you? How is their response? Did they answer all your questions? Were they transparent?

How to get a quote and what to include?
Email or fill in the Contact page on my website which sends an email to me is the best way to get in contact.

I do like to keep all my conversations to email so I can keep track however I am contactable via my Facebook and Instagram pages so you can send me an instant message where we can chat directly. I am contactable on my phone via call or text.

If you have sent an email, Facebook message or Instagram message and I still haven’t gotten back to you, please give me a call or text me.

When sending an enquiry for hair and makeup services please include the following:

• Your full name, email address and mobile number

• Whether for hair and / or makeup services?

• Who requires services?

• How old are the Flower Girls?

• General type of look you and your bridal party are after? (Short hair blowdry, hair up, styled down waves etc)

• Address of the preparation location where you need us to come to

• Date, time and address of your ceremony

Things couples need to consider when involving you
1. Find a stylist that you love their work. We do our best work when our clients love our style and love us. I am super lucky and tend to get amazing clients who I gel with really well and stay in contact with after their wedding.

2. I’m super honest and will tell you whether I think it will suit your dress or look, if you don’t have enough hair for that up style you had your heart set on and if you need to get your colour done for optimum composition. I don’t BS my clients to save face. If I can’t do something – I say something.

3. I’m also a talker. I have a million stories and love hearing about yours too so love a good chitter.

Well, there you have it. Honest information from some of Perth’s best wedding suppliers.

My favourite snippet of advice that has come from speaking to these suppliers was the words from Jane, from Green Vase Flowers, that “you do you”. Following this advice means that you will design a day that sings of you – as individuals and as a couple – uniquely and beautifully you. And what better way to celebrate your love story than doing it that way.

Should you feel daunted and a little overwhelmed at where to start, or head to next with all of these moving parts, please reach out to .

We can sit down over a drink and chat through how to tackle this planning so you can move forward and love the process of planning your dream day.

Nat x

Both Images from a styled shoot:

Captured by @shoshkruger

Venue I @themelbournehotel

Planning & Coordination I @iconicweddingsperth

Florals I @greenvaseflowersperth

Stylist I @bertie_does

Furniture I @m_eventhire

Table linen I @thetailoredtable

Tableware I @sideserve

Stationery I @laladesignperth

Wallpaper I @design_edge_co

Bridal Gowns I @karenwillisholmes_perth

Hair & Makeup I @gaminedynasty

Jewellery I @kezanijewellery

Tie I @terrace_men