Top Tips On How To Plan A Wedding

Knowing how to plan a wedding can be confusing and stressful – where to start; what order to do things; what options are out there; am I get ripped off?

So many couples start researching with such enthusiasm and excitement, but get overwhelmed with finding a venue or after after locking this in. So often I hear them say “well, what should I do next?” or “what do others do now?” 

Although I am a firm believer that your wedding day should sing of who you are, what you love and work with your logistics, there are certain things that EVERY couple must to do when starting their wedding planning.

Don’t want to do the less-exciting background work? No worries…. but you better put on your crash-helmet because you are in for one bumpy ride!

Up for it? Let me take your hand and let’s walk through it together.

How To Plan Your Wedding – Step by step:


The very first thing you need to tackle is your budget.

I know….. I hear you groaning but your wedding day should not leave you with a debt the size of Everest that you are repaying for the next umpteen years! 

Knowing your numbers means you can:

  • plan WHEN to have your wedding day
  • choose a venue and suppliers that fit with your budget
  • create a guest list that you can afford without scrimping on things you want

So find a calculator, get your bank account statements and pop on over to my article titled “The Most Important Thing To Do When Planning Your Wedding“.

This will walk you through exactly how to work out your budget.


Knowing what you want your day to feel like and to look like is the next important thing to tackle. 

It is so important that you and your partner are on the same page right from the beginning. There’s enough stress surrounding wedding planning as it is – you don’t need to be butting heads with your partner too.

So start by coming up with answers to the 4 questions below.

If you cannot come up with an agreed answer right now, no stress – you can play with that later. Just make sure you revisit it to get an answer.


1. When you think about your wedding day what do see?

(jot down ANYTHING from what you are wearing, what you are doing, what do you see, the time of day, etc)

Right now is the perfect time to start creating a Mood Board. This is a collection of saved images (from Pinterest, Instagram, off websites, even magazines) of things that you love. Having this allows you to refer back to when you start scrolling and seeking quotes from suppliers.

2. What do you love and what is important to you?

(ie family and friends, adventure, the water/bush/city, bang up parties, anything vintage, your dogs, etc)

3. How much money do you want to spend / have available to spend on your perfect wedding day?

Now if you haven’t done this I know you dodged on Step 1. so you either better go find your crash helmet or go back and do it now!

A reminder that you can use my article “The Most Important Thing To Do When Planning Your Wedding” to work out your budget.

4. How many people would you like there on the day?

(at this stage it just has to be a rough number. If this is too hard, consider an answer of ‘intimate, mid-sized or large guest list’)

If you need some tips on how to make your guest list, my article “How To Make a Guest List That Fits With Your Perfect Wedding Day” will be useful.

Using this info:

Next, use the answers to the above questions to narrow your focus and give you more clarity on what your ideal day will look like.

  1. What is ONE thing that you must have on your day? (this will form the core of your day)
  •  Is it an exquisite dinner and drinks experience?
  • Want a live band (or an experienced DJ) so that your dance floor pumps all night?
  • Do you love a relaxed, casual vibe which allows you to spend loads of time with all of your guests?

     2. Will this work with the guest list you are currently considering?

(consider not only the number of guests you would like but also the AGE of your guests)

NO? then you need to figure out what is going to be changed – your MUST HAVE or your guest list.

YES? then high five…. let’s keep moving forward.

3. Venue – what location would be perfect for your wedding day?

  • Is scenery important to you? Think – water views, bush setting, city vibes?
  • Are you keen to get away / have a destination wedding?
  • Any general areas / suburbs that you would like your wedding?

4. DIY – how much DIY do you want to do and what exactly is it that you want to do yourself?

  • Food?
  • BYO drinks?
  • Furniture?
  • Styling?

Please remember that DIY has some awesome advantages (cost, vision) but does come with some big disadvantages depending on the type of person you are and what you want to achieve on your day. 


With these answers in place, now it’s time to design your day.

I always encourage couples to think outside the box when it comes to designing their day. Don’t fall into the trap of planning a day just because that’s what wedding days are supposed to look like. It makes for one booooring wedding (just saying!).

For example, if you both want to treat your guests to an incredible food and drink experience but you have a smaller budget, can you make your guest list intimate and go to an amazing restaurant for a private dinner.

Or hire a renowned chef to a space that permits external catering?

Could you do a luncheon or a brunch or a gin and champagne afternoon tea?

Whatever you love and what is important to you, see if you can design your day around that.

It is really important when you are doing this that  you are not constrained by what you think your wedding day SHOULD look like based on what everyone else is doing or has done.


Now is the time to start searching for a handful of suppliers that offer the style that you want for your day.

Whether it is furniture, florists, food or photography, all suppliers will have their own style so make sure you see their products / services to ensure they are what you want.  

Once you have a small list, email the supplier and begin to ask for quotes to find who is available, who fits with your budget and who you click with.


Yes, knowing how to plan a wedding can be a daunting task at first, but by following the steps above will set you off on the right foot to make the process an easier one.

Just don’t forget that your day is about you as a couple, so let it be a true reflection of who you are and what you love.

And if it is all too hard, we are always happy to sit down with you to help design your perfect day. Once you have this in place, you may find that you are off and racing with your planning.

Check out our Wedding Planning services for more information:-

Happy planning!

Beautiful images captured by Shoshana Kruger Photography.