How to plan a wedding

8 Top Tips To Nail Your Wedding Planning

Woop woop!! You’re engaged and busting to start planning your dream wedding. You know (kind of) what you want your wedding day to look like but starting seems a little bit daunting.

Never fear – I’ve got your back.

Here are my 8 top tips when planning a wedding, which I have pulled together because I have seen the chilled brides nail these. And sadly, way too many others who find their wedding planning overwhelming and frustrating – not nail these.

So grab a seat for 5min and absorb these nuggets of gold that will help you on your way.

BTW – I’ve ordered them alphabetically because no one is more important than another!

Be Mindful of What You Delegate

Now you might not be happy to hear this but one of my big issues with some weddings is seeing family and friends lumped with so many jobs on a wedding day. And although I know that many offer to help, the vast majority are not altogether pleased when they end up with a job list longer than their leg; as it means that they are not able to enjoy celebrating the day with you.

Always be mindful and respectful of those who offer to help. Yes, it will save you some money but free labour is not always rainbows and lollypops for all involved. So do the right thing and delegate jobs sparingly to your nearest and dearest, as the truth is, this day is for them to celebrate your marriage as much as you.

If this is ringing alarm bells for you, check out my article “On The Day Wedding Coordinator – Do You Need One?

Be Open To Other Options

So you desperately want tulips to be integrated into your florals because of their significance to you, but your wedding is in summer. It ain’t gonna happen, sista…. Or if it does, it is likely to cost you an arm and a leg!

So much of enjoying your wedding planning is about being open to other options. Be open to alternatives and learn (quickly!) to roll with changes.

Communicate Clearly and Often!

Fluffing and dancing around the details gets you nowhere, especially when it comes to wedding planning!!! Don’t expect that people can read your mind on what you want and don’t want. It is vital for your sanity, your budget and your time that you are very clear in all aspects of your communication (discussions, emails, phonecalls, EVERYTHING!).

This includes with your:

  • partner           
  • parents
  • suppliers
  • and friends

If my work has taught me anything, it’s to not assume anything!

How to plan a wedding

Decide What's Important To You And Direct Your Money There

Unless you have a heaving wedding budget, it is likely that you cannot have alllllll the things. Figure out what is important to you and your partner and direct your money there.

  • You might value memories and so getting an incredible photographer and videographer may be a priority for you.
  • Perhaps you love an exquisite dining experience so having exceptional food and top-class drinks is where you should focus your money.
  • Or maybe you want the full bride experience and so having the most beautiful dress is really important to you.

For all other items, look for cheaper options to create the look that you are going for. This might be a pre-loved dress, creating your own invitations or signage, or collecting styling pieces from Kmart or the like. Remember, not all cheaper options look cheap – but make sure you are choosy on how and what you do!

OR consider pairing it back and going with the “less is more” motto. Cutting back on the “extra” items means that you have more money to put towards the important items of your day.

Design The Day That You Want - this includes the when, where and who comes!

Now I know that you will be juggling the expectations of so many when you are planning your wedding – parents, grandparents, friends…. it goes on and on. But please be choosey about the decisions you make.

This includes such things as:

  • the date and time of your wedding
  • your venue
  • the suppliers you use
  • your guest list!!!

Make choices that are best for you and your partner and your budget! And if you get pushed into other decisions, see if you can adjust it so that it becomes a compromise.

Get Organised

Throughout your wedding planning journey you will be faced with appointments, payment due dates, meetings and follow up appointments. There are so many moving parts to a wedding that keeping all of this information in your brain is virtually impossible.

Get organised by finding a diary or scheduler that works for you, as well as a checklist or planner to follow. Keep these items accessible so that you use them regularly so you are able to stay on top of everything.  

Know Your Budget And Stick To It!

Are you already sick of hearing about your budget?? Well, it’s for good reason that so many people bang on about it – simply, knowing and staying on budget ensures that you won’t be sacrificing other things for years to come (think: house, babies, travel, jobs….)

Knowing and sticking to your budget means you know:

  • how much you can afford to spend on your wedding
  • where your money is coming from
  • how much items cost
  • where your money will go for your day
  • account for surprise extras!

Having this information sorted from the beginning gives you a great start to ensure you stay on target.

Need some help with this? My article “The Most Important Thing To Do When Planning Your Wedding” is packed with excellent advice about your budget.

Read Every Contract Thoroughly Before You Go Ahead

Knowing EXACTLY what you get from each supplier for your precious money and the terms and conditions surrounding this means that you are more aware of any additional costs you need to factor in, as well as the impact of changing dates and orders.

Read these T&Cs carefully before you lock in a supplier to know what you are getting into. I know that there are many Covid-affected couples that will attest to this!

Wedding planning can be an overwhelming, stressful, consuming task – but it doesn’t have to be. By keeping these top tips on how to plan your wedding in mind throughout the process will help you be that bride who is able to state that she “loved planning her wedding”!!