Top Tip on How to Plan Your Wedding from Perth Wedding Suppliers – Part 1

Weddings have so many moving parts and each element of it is a little bit same-same and quite a bit different!! So how on Earth are you supposed to know all of this when you are figuring out how to plan your wedding?

Well, you don’t!!

So, I asked some of Perth’s amazing wedding suppliers a few simple questions to get the inside scoop on how to plan your wedding and commence planning with suppliers from their speciality area.

Here is Part 1 of their answers, all bundled up to help you get started on your wedding planning!

Part 2 drops tomorrow so don’t miss it!

CELEBRANT – Lesley Gasmier

How to select a Celebrant?
You want someone who is adaptable, will work with the two of you to get the best outcome you want. Remember, your ceremony is about you … not the celebrant. Qualities such as being calm, friendly, professional are necessary skills to create a personalised wedding ceremony and affordable to your budget.

How to get a quote and what to include?
To get a quote from a celebrant you need to firstly ask:

• If they are available on your chosen day and date.

• Let them know if you have chosen the venue.

• Will they travel? Is there an extra fee for ceremonies out of their area – i.e. wedding in Margaret River and celebrant lives in Perth?

• Do they have a PA System to ensure all the guests will hear the ceremony. Is this included in the fee?

• What type of ceremony do you want? Basic Legal Marriage Ceremony; Personalised ceremony?

• Music

• Can you meet for a no-obligation initial meeting?

• No hidden fees (i.e. charging for a rehearsal, etc)

• Do they belong to a Celebrant Association? Why is this important? Usually it will mean they are interested in keeping up to date with trends and education. Associations expect their members to have a commitment to a high standard of service and follow the professional Code of Conduct.

Any other important info?
• A marriage celebrant is legally responsible for the validity of your marriage. The ceremony itself is the centrepiece of your wedding day as it’s a public celebration of your love for each other. Therefore your wedding ceremony should be memorable for everyone involved as it can have a tremendously positive impact on your relationship.

• The cheapest fee may possibly reflect the service they provide.

• If you have any doubts about the power of a carefully planned and considered wedding ceremony, let me leave you with the words of Cat in the Hat author, Dr Seuss, who knowingly said, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

PHOTOGRAPHY – Shoshana Kruger

How to select a Photographer?
Firstly, do your research. Make sure you look at their social media, ALSO look at their website and blog.

Socials will give you a quick overall view of their style and general vibe.

Websites and Blogs will give you more indication of how they shoot, their values and what they’re all about.

How to get a quote and what to include?
Get in touch either via website form (preferred as it gets all the info we need in one easy email!) or send a direct email (for me, be sure to include your event date, your contact details (INCLUDING a phone number incase emails bounce back or go to spam!) some info about you and what you love so we can get an idea of if we’re a good match or not, and as much info about your event/wedding/etc as you can give us.

Be honest with us, if you’re working with a budget, we may be able to help tailor something special for you or if we can’t, we have heaps of contacts who may be more suited to you.

Any other important info?
• Please don’t ask a photographer to shoot in a different style to what they do or something you’ve seen in Pinterest, trust them that they can do their job. If you have a particular image in mind, show them and let them create something inspired by that just for you.

• Don’t limit yourself to the peak season for weddings (Sept – April). While these months USUALLY have great weather, you can often find yourself having a rainy day mid December and you can even find a beautiful sunny day in the middle of July.

• ALWAYS have a wet weather plan and embrace it when you need to use it.

• Weekday weddings are a thing. You might find you can get your absolute dream team of vendors on a Thursday far sooner than you can on a Saturday in March. Fridays or Sundays are a great option too especially during peak seasons!

• DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! There are no rules on what you can do on your wedding day. The more personalised you make your day, the more you’ll love it.

VIDEOGRAPHY – Chapman Films

How to select a Videographer?
There are many talented videographers in Perth, all with different styles and price points.

1. Our number one piece of advice is to book a videographer whose style of videography you love!! Do your research, watch many videos and compare the different styles to get an idea of what you like.

2. Ask your vendors, your photographer may have a list of recommended videographers they love working with and read the reviews of other couples’ experiences.

3. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to your favourite videographers and ask to meet in person, you spend a large portion of your day with your videographer, so you want to be sure you both “click”.

4. When it comes to comparing packages and quotes, consider what is included, the hours of coverage, the number of videographers, how many edits you receive, and what is important to you to be covered. Videography is an investment and you should be 100% happy with what you are receiving.

How to get a quote and what to include?
In order to provide our couples with the most accurate quote, we ask for the following information:

• your wedding date

• your ceremony and reception location

• the approximate time of your ceremony

• who you are considering/ have booked as your photographer (to give us an idea of your style)

This will give us the best indication of the hours of coverage you will need, from there we can discuss your options and let you know what can be covered and edited.

Things that need to be considered when involving a videographer on your day:

The number one piece of advice we give our couples when considering a videographer is to be realistic when setting your videographer budget.

We advise our couples to do their research – get an idea of the overall costs, what is included in the packages you are considering and the experience of the videographer. Finally, If you are considering a videographer and have one in mind that you love, don’t leave it until the last minute to get in touch and book. Most videographers are solo shooters or are a very small 2 person team and can only offer their services to one couple on one day.

Any other important info?
I can promise you, you will NOT regret booking a videographer, but you will regret NOT booking one. I can assure you after the day has been and gone you will be most excited to receive your videos and relive your day again and again!!

FURNITURE HIRE – Maisey Collections

How to select a Furniture Hire company?
We highly recommend narrowing down the particular look and style you’re after first!

There are so many wonderful and different hire companies in Perth, each with their own unique collections. Once you have narrowed in on the type of furniture/ style of items you’re after (Pinterest will be your best friend here!) it will make selecting a hire company far easier and seem a lot less overwhelming.

How to get a quote and what to include?
Getting a quote from us is SUPER simple! Just look through our online catalogue and once you have selected the pieces you would like to hire simply fill out our ‘online contact form’, which will prompt you for all the information we require to get a quote to you asap!

On top of the critical information such as your date and location if you refer to the items by the name(s) listed on our website and include the quantities needed it makes getting a quote to you so much faster and eliminates any additional emails asking for specifics.

Things couples need to consider when involving you.

We’re here to help! If you need to change or adjust your order it’s easily done. We offer changes to orders up until 2 weeks before your event, making any last minute changes stress free and simple!

Any other important info?
If any part of your event or wedding is outside, always have a Plan B! Perth weather has become highly unpredictable – it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter you ALWAYS need to have a feasible Plan B for rain or in some cases extreme wind!

FLORIST – Green Vase Flowers

Fbk & Insta – @greenvaseflowersperth

How to select a florist?
When you are searching for a few florists to reach out to the best way is to look at their past work. Check out their socials and their website. If you love their work and their style, then it’s a good start. Contacting each florist will give you an idea of who you like, gel with, talk easily to.

How to get a quote and what to include?
As much as you can!

1. Numbers are important such as how many bridesmaids are you having, guest tables etc.

2. Any inspiration for your day that you love – it can be pictures, colours, styles, all of these things will help your florist visualise your day and help it come to life.

3. Budget – not always the glamourous side of things but crucial to ensure that budget is considered. And if you don’t know things – don’t stress! – during initial consultations couples rarely know all the details. A good florist will walk you through options and all those things you may have forgotten about.

Any other important info?
Trust your instinct when it comes to flowers and how you want your wedding day to look and feel – you love what you love, don’t always be swayed by what’s trending or in fashion.

STATIONERY – Lala Design

How to select a stationery supplier?
1. Stalk their work on their website, Instagram

2. Search and read their reviews, these should be current reviews (no more than 3 months old) and the company should have replies to their reviews. This shows their commitment to customer service and attention to detail.

3. Order a sample pack of their work, so you can touch and feel their stock quality and see the print finish. On screen and in photos you can tell what these things. When you get the sample pack, also look at how long it took to get to you and If it is packed nicely with little extras that help you plan your wedding stationery. These are key indicators that the company will give your guests the same experience.

4. Email them for quote or a question and see how long they take to reply. You want a reply within 2 working days any longer than a week or 2 is a red flag.

How to get a quote and what to include?
There are 5 things we really need to know to be able to give you a quote:

1. Both couples names (we use this as reference)

2. Your wedding date (this tells us if we are available to help)

3. What do you want? Invites, RSVP cards, menus etc

4. How many of each do you want? Remember, you’re counting in families, couples and households, not one for everyone coming and allow 10 spare invites

5. Inspo photos please. You are working with visual people, providing photos helps us understand what style of stationery you want as there are endless options for design, print finished and price; this helps us narrow it down for you.

We give our couples a To Do list and help them with the list, but you would need:

1. Your list of invite names and address in a spread sheet

2. Your invitation wording and or details for the other stationery pieces. We have wording help on our site

Things couples need to consider when involving you
1. Like any great quality wedding vendor, we get booked up fast. The ideal time to talk to us is 6 months BEFORE your wedding date or 14 months BEFORE your wedding date if you want Save the Dates sent out.

2. If price is your deciding factor when choosing your stationery and you feel it’s just paper and goes in the bin, then we’re not for you. We are creators of fine unique stationery that shows your guests how much care and love you have put into your wedding celebration and they don’t want to miss it.

Any other important info?
1. I always suggest a in-studio consultation. So much can be achieved sitting together and brain storming ideas to create your unique wedding stationery. You also get to touch and feel all the invites, see the colours and get a glimpse of what your guest will feel when they open your invitations from you.

2. If you are having a Down south wedding or a destination send your Save the Dates ASAP and include any accommodation information. Giving your guest the accommodation information on the invite is too late for them to book.

3. December, January Weddings – Most of our suppliers close during Christmas break. I would suggest having all your on-day items like menus, placecards etc booked in by October.

As you can see, social media, websites and word of mouth play a huge part in finding the right supplier to fit into your wedding day.

Yes, researching suppliers does take time but by being methodical and thoroughly looking into all aspects of a supplier and their work, will hopefully save you time, money and possible heartache closer to or on your wedding day.

Part 2 of this blog is equally as good and covers food, drinks, music and hair & makeup artists …. don’t miss it!!


#1 – @shoshkruger (in conjunction with an amazing team of suppliers. Contact Iconic Weddings for all suppliers.)

#2 – Reposted from @maiseycollections