Wedding planning resources

Top 5 Wedding Planning Resources

With so many elements involved in a wedding day, it is vital that you are armed with functional wedding planning resources to keep you on track, in control and on budget.

Regardless of whether you are an electronic guru or a lover of the old school paper and pens, find a system that works for you to keep all of your notes, quotes and records up to date and handy.

Whatever system you use, it needs to be:

  • easily accessible – as there will be periods where you will be using this daily!
  • easy to use and update – don’t make the process of data recording harder than it should be!
  • portable – to take to meetings etc
Wedding Planners

There are a vast array of wedding planners available (I mean the paper and electronic style – not the person!!) that many couples find really useful. If you go down this path it is always best to try to get one that is specific to Australia as there may be slight differences in how things operate here compared to another country.

What do I recommend?

I have always heard good things about the Kikki K Wedding organisers and planners.

But for Perth couples, I don’t think you can go past Lala Design’s Wedding Planners. These are detailed, beautiful and can be personalised with your name and design on the cover.

Check them out here

Wedding planning resources

So what do you need?

But if you do not want to invest in a paper planner / organiser, here are my top 5 wedding planning resources that you will need:



There are many printable versions online (just compare a few as there are obviously some that are better than others!) but when your head is spinning with a million things, having a checklist of everything that needs to be done is essential to ensure you don’t miss anything.


  1. EXCEL

Sounds a bit nerdy but Excel is brilliant for recording so many elements of your day. Think:

  • Guest List – names, addresses, RSVP info, dietary requirements, etc

  • Budget – money allocation, up to date spending records, bills paid and outstanding

  • Supplier details – quotes requested and received, company details (including name, email, contact number)

  • Run Order

  • On The Day Supplier information – contact details, bump in and out times

  • Hire Inventories – requested and booked



These tools are brilliant for getting inspiration, creating a Mood Board and looking at actual supplier’s work. Using these platforms will assist those of us who need to see the finished products or for comparing supplier’s work.

Use the hashtags to search for specific things and refine to a location where possible (ie #weddingplannersperth). Otherwise it is so easy to fall into the depths of social media and become so overwhelmed and confused!!!

A word of warning though – please PLEASE use Pinterest and Instagram as a guide only. It is easy for your wedding day wish-list to be very different to the budget you are working with!


  1. CANVA

Canva is a fantastic free program for creating beautiful documents. If you choose not to have a designer create your invitations and signage, Canva is a great option for the DIY couple.

With templates for invitations, thank you cards, signs and menus, it is simple to create impressive stationery and signage on your own. The program has a variety of texts, graphics and elements so you can create something that fits with your style and vision.

Just save them to a USB and trot into a print and copy place near you. And VOILA! it’s done!



Trello is a flexible project management and organisation app. I always think of it as an electronic To Do list crossed with a pack of Post-It Notes!!

Trello allows you to list all of the elements that are involved in your wedding day, keep detailed notes for each and then move them through the categories of not started, working on and completed.

It means that you can always see what you are up to with each element and what needs to happen next.

And don’t forget…

As well as these essential wedding planning resources, I highly recommend that you use a diary or online scheduler. There will be so many dates and appointments that you will have that it is vital that you stay on top of these.

Don’t reply on your memory to remember these….. it will be virtually impossible!!



Need more personalised help?

And if it all gets too much, find a wedding coach or planner who offers short consultancy packages to get you moving in the right direction and through any hurdles.

Alternatively, check out my blog on “Top Tips On How To Plan A Wedding” for tips on where to start.

Happy planning! xx