The Most Important Thing To Do When Planning Your Wedding

When you think of your wedding what is the sexiest thing you can think of? What gets your heart racing and kicks off those feelings in your stomach? So much so that it aches to have to wait for your incredible day!

I can guarantee that the answers to this question are widely varied but I’m not sure if anyone would say BUDGETING!

Sadly though, getting intimate with your budget and knowing it inside out before you start planning your wedding is the first and MOST important thing to do when starting your wedding. (I say “sadly though” unless you find numbers wildly racy 😉 )

It is no good pinning a zillion amazing, wallet-busting Pinterest ideas to include in your day if your budget is equivalent to a small family’s weekly grocery bill (I exaggerate, but you get my point!)

So many couples know they should have a budget in mind but so few actually have worked out this number because, let’s face it, it is a boring process.

BUT, my fellow lovers, sooooo worth the effort!

Yes, your wedding day may be exactly what you wanted with Pinterest worthy features to keep your friends raving for years. But if your wedding day costs are a blowout or they are beyond what you are capable of spending, the pain of this spending is going to last forever!

OK then……..

“Work out your budget”, they say.

That’s nice. How do I realistically do this?

Start by grabbing a drink and pulling up a chair…. (maybe make it a stiff drink too!) and work your way through this step by step process to get you your wedding budget number:-

a) Figure out how much (on average) you spend per month. This should include everything – bills, groceries, insurances, car services, splurges, new clothes, nights out, restocking the wine shelf and your coffee addiction… EVERYTHING!

b) Subtract this from your combined income per month to work out what is “left over” money.

c) Work out when you would roughly like your wedding day and calculate how many months away this is.

d) Multiply this number of months ( c ) by how much you can save per month ( b ).

e) Add in any monetary contributions that have been promised to you ie parents’ contributions.

f) And …. DA NA ….. there is your wedding budget!

Don’t trust yourself with having this extra money lying around in your account?

Easy! Open another account. One that has NO FEES and is only accessible online.

Set up a direct transfer into this new account with your wedding savings amount as soon as you get paid. This way you can’t get your paws on it and whittle it away on sneaky incidentals.

Ok, so the next problem you’ve encountered is that you don’t like the figure you came up with (Yep… it is a reality shock for many!)

Here are a few tips that can make this budget more in line with what you were hoping!

Consider sacrificing or cutting down things from your monthly spending?  Eg. Do you need to go out drinking 3 times a week? Can you take your lunch to work rather than buying it? Can you cook dinner at home rather than getting takeaway? These are all big money suckers with quite easy alternatives.

Push back the date of your wedding – more months ahead mean more time to save.

Ask for money for birthday and Christmas presents to add to this total. This means you go without that watch / new pair of shoes / new socks and jocks for a while but if you can’t have your cake and eat it too then you need to make some sacrifices!

Adjust your expectations of your wedding day. Sorry to be the one to poop your party but there are definitely ways to have a magical wedding day without spending the zillions of dollars. Need some inspo for this? Check out our blog “How To Save Money When Planning Your Wedding By Thinking Outside The Box”.

Work out what is important to you. Spend your money there and minimise the rest.

When it comes down to it, it is ONE day so don’t put yourself in a terrible financial position that you will have to deal with for years down the track. Keep your eye on the bigger picture and on your future goals to keep it all in perspective.

So now that you have your budget, your next step is to figure out what kind of wedding day you want, with whom and what’s important to you in your day.

And if it is all too much??…… let’s meet up over a coffee or a wine and talk through what is causing you issues. Our Iconic Planning Companion has wedding planning assistance packages to arm you with tips, tricks and guidance to reduce the stress and overwhelm associated with wedding planning. Check out for more info.

Good luck! Now go and get sexy with your budget 😉