Wedding Budget tips

The 5 Best Wedding Budget Tips

Managing your wedding budget has to be one of the most stressful parts of planning your wedding. Because, let’s be honest, there’s very few of us who can afford to have an open budget on spending for the day. So if you find that your wedding budget has become a beast of its own, here are 5 tips to reduce your wedding budget and have the day of your dreams without paying back debt for years to come.

Before we dive in though, I want to make you aware that the ideal situation is to manage your budget before it becomes a problem. The best way to do this is to take the time to plan your day BEFORE you book anything. Check out my article “Plan Your Wedding – Why It’s So Important to Get Your Foundations Right First!to give you more guidance on what this means. I don’t think it’s ever too late to get your foundations in place. So if you have started planning your wedding and haven’t done this yet – go back and do this now.

So what can you do to stay on top of your wedding budget and still have the magical day you want? Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Look at what elements you have included in your day and figure out what you can cut out.

Instagram and Pinterest have been game changers in assisting with researching for your wedding. But they have also contributed to budget blow outs as couples aim to create what they see on the socials. My suggestion is to use the inspo but keep a check on how this works with your budget.

If you find that your wedding budget is maxing out, be realistic and remove the elements that don’t light you up.

One of the biggest things I’ve seen over the past 12mths working with couples who have postponed their weddings due to Covid, has been what items and how much they cut from their day as they realise what is actually important to them and what is additional spending.

2. Juggle your Running Order to reduce the amount of time that your suppliers are working with you

Bringing a wedding together involves a lot of people. So on the day you will have multiple suppliers working their craft to make your day magical. But this can increase your wedding budget significantly. My suggestion is to look at your Running Order and plan your day out to maximise the supplier’s time with you.

For example, your photographer. If it’s important to you that they capture the cutting of the cake, First Dance and speeches, move these events to earlier in your night. Having them occur at 8:30pm means that your photographer will be hanging around taking snaps of your guests talking and eating for a few hours. Which is nice but how many of these do you actually need?

Cutting back an hour or two of a supplier’s service time here and there, will add up to give you decent savings.

3. Problem solve how you can modify what you want to fit into your budget

Don’t want to remove anything else but still concerned about your wedding budget? Then you need to be creative and find ways to give the same effect without the price tag.

Let’s take table styling as an example. You love the look of a full-length thick foliage and floral runner down the centre of the tables but you don’t want to spend that much for it.

You need to be creative and find other ways to create this look.

This could be by:

  • using lots of single bud vases, or
  • individual rectangular arrangements, or
  • have a thinner foliage runner with a few florals and candles dotted along it.

There are other ways to do everything – you just need to be open to other options.

5 Best Wedding Budgeting Tips
4. Always choose in-season products and produce.

It’s 2021 and we now have access to whatever we want from anywhere in the world. And I get it. You’ve got a special flower that you love and want to use it everywhere in your styling. But it’s not in season. Unfortunately, anything that you need to bring in to the State / country is going to increase the price tag of it.

If something is THAT important that you must have it, consider choosing your wedding date when it’s available locally. Otherwise, consider alternatives. This might be:

  • using it minimally and having it as a feature for that wow factor;
  • cutting back the number of the item;
  • using another item that has the same look.
5. If you haven’t started planning yet, take time to sort out your foundations so you are very intentional about the location, venue and number of guests that you choose.

I always stress to couples that the venue they choose will have a big flow-on effect to the other elements of your day. Things such as:

  • number of venues and suppliers in an area,
  • cost of getting products into the area,
  • whether the venue has their own suppliers,
  • inclusions in the venue hire package;

are all factors that will affect the price of products and thus, your wedding budget.

You cannot be expected to know all of this before you start planning your wedding. So be prepared that you will need to adjust, amend and be creative with your plans along the way. The biggest tip I can give you is to take the time to plan out your day and establish your foundations before you start planning. This will go a long way to setting you up for success, keeping you in control of your wedding budget and confident to make decisions.

If you are looking for more resources on budgeting for your wedding, check out my article “The Secret to Budgeting for Your Wedding” or reach out for some personalised help. A few hours together will have you on track to nail your planning.


Photography by Shoshana Kruger Photography             Insta – @shoshkruger