Sample Running Orders and Template


There are so many moving parts to a wedding that rely heavily on every element being carried out at the right time.

Get it right and your day flows seamlessly allowing you to enjoy and soak up every minute of this special occasion.

Get it wrong and your day will be spent troubleshooting issues and potentially paying more for all the problems that arise.

So it’s a no-brainer to use the experience of someone who has done it many times over and knows what works. Get your hands on my 2 sample Running Orders and blank template and make your life a whole lot simpler!

(includes First Look Running Order sample)

I have seen so many couples get overwhelmed with this task; not knowing how long to allow for certain events and tasks during the day, and also not knowing where to start with planning out the timing.

This useful booklet has been created to solve all those issues for you. To make it a simple process without all of the headaches.

This booklet contains:

  • Two sample Running Orders showing events from the day prior to the day after your wedding
            • One features timings for photos after the ceremony;
            • The other features timings for a First Look with some photos afterwards.
  • One blank Running Order template for you to map out your day and hand to your suppliers.

Simply speak with your suppliers to get their confirmation on how long they will require for their set up / what time they will need to deliver their product and then create your Running Order based on the guidance in this document.

Make it easy on yourself and download this helpful booklet to ensure your day runs like clockwork without you even having to think about it!