Planning resources


When someone has walked your path before, made the mistakes, learnt the tricks, and found what works…
why wouldn’t you listen?

I’m a firm believer that one of the keys to organising a successful event is maintaining great paperwork.

But knowing what info to keep and how to do this can be so confusing.


This section contains planners, guides, templates and other resources designed to make your life easier when planning your event.

They are my tried and tested systems and tools that I know are a huge help in any event planning.

The Fool-Proof Wedding Planning Guide

The Fool Proof Wedding Planner - Hard Copy Version

Are keen to plan your own wedding but need a bit of help along the way?

OR you would love to have a wedding planner but just don’t have the budget for it –


This is my step-by-step guide on how to plan your wedding designed to hold your hand through the process and set you up to stay on budget and stress-free.

Say goodbye to budget blowouts, confusion over what to do next, forgetting elements of your day and a set up that looks like a mixed bag of lollies!!

This guide is like having me in your pocket from the moment you say “Yes” until the day you say “I Do”.

On The Day Coordination

The Fool-Proof Wedding Planner - Electronic Version


All the benefits of The Fool-Proof Wedding Planner redesigned into an electronic version for those couples who work best electronically.

The Essentials Planning Pack

The Essential Planning Pack

With so many moving parts involved in an event, it is so easy to forget something and even harder to know when to organise each element.

This mini-guide will keep you on track, focused and with a clear direction of what needs doing every step of the way. It will ensure you don’t forget a thing, and give you a heads up on the unexpected costs that can pop up along the way. 

The Data Tracker Pack

One secret to being the cool cucumber of wedding planning is to maintain excellent paperwork.

But this can be tricky when

  1. there’s so much to keep up-to-date with, 
  2. it is hard to know what to record,
  3. and to know what system works.

Which is why I have put together these electronic sheets with inbuilt formulas to help you on the way.

Easy to use and all prepared for you, delivered straight to your inbox.


It doesn’t get easier than that.

Sample Floor Plans

Sample Floor Plans For Sit Down and Cocktail Reception

Ever been to an event where you feel packed in like a sardine? It’s not fun for anyone! 

But where do you start with planning out your space? Especially when you need sufficient seating for your guests. AND you have to find the best location for all the things!

Check out my sample floor plans – tried and tested layouts that give your guests AND suppliers room to move and bring their A game to your day.

Sample Running Orders

Sample Running Orders and Blank Template

There are so many moving parts to a wedding which rely heavily on every part being carried out at the right time. And figuring out when each element needs to happen is a task that I see so many couples struggle with.

So I have done the heavy lifting for you.

Grab my downloadable Sample Running Order pack with 2 different wedding day formats and a blank template for you to fill in your own. 

For this price – why waste your time stewing over all the details.