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Plan Your Wedding – Why It’s So Important To Get Your Foundations Right First!

Like any complex task, when you begin to plan your wedding it is vital that you spend the time laying the foundations for what is to come.

Think of building a house – builders don’t just chuck down some concrete so they can get the walls up quickly. It is imperative that they take the time to get the concrete pad perfect – measurements, angles, consistency – otherwise the entire house will come crashing down in time to come.


This is exactly the same for your wedding planning. And when the ultimate aim is to love being engaged and planning this special time in your life, it’s a no-brainer to spend the time getting it right from the beginning.

Problems that occur in couples who haven’t laid the foundations

Let me tell you a story about Ash and Brody. This is a fictional couple but their story is so very common.


Starting to Plan

Ash and Brody do some research and discover that an average wedding in Australia costs about $30 000. They guess that their parents will contribute towards the day and in looking at their weekly salary they feel that this amount should be ok.

It sounds like so much money but they want an amazing wedding so swallow the fact that this is what they will need to spend.

And, having been to a few weddings, they go with the standard wedding structure of afternoon ceremony and reception for 100-ish guests…. coz that’s what you do for a wedding.


The Next Stage of Planning 

So they push ahead. They visit some venues, fall in love with one and book a date about 14 months away.

Why 14mths? Because that’s what most people do and a spring wedding would be great.

The next job on their list is to start reaching out to suppliers to get quotes. Ash and Brody work through all the things and begin locking in suppliers with the best prices.


Where It Starts To Unravel

And all is good…… until the invoices start rolling in. Big, ugly thunderous invoices!

Discussions start about when the money will come from parents. Brody questions whether they really need that $700 item for the reception, and why on Earth are they paying an additional $1200 for alterations and delivery and installation and….. and ….. and…..

With all the questions, Ash begins to discuss less and less about the wedding with Brody. Shouldering the weight of making this day as big and amazing as the bills that are coming in is emotionally exhausting and all consuming. And as Ash pushes on, more and more money or time is thrown at all the problems that arise just to get them done and off the list.


Until they get to a month out, and both of them hear the words “I just wish the day was here so we don’t have to deal with the planning any more” roll out of their mouths.


On The Day 

When it rolls around, their day is amazing – “The best day of our lives”, they say.

But although they loved their wedding, the debt is like a nasty cheap wine hangover that lingers forever, preventing them from taking that quick holiday; decreasing their options of suburbs for their new home; postponing baby plans until they are financially stable again.


Drama or Reality?

Does this story sound dramatic? Maybe……. but it’s the same story I hear over and over again from couples who just wanted to dive in and start planning their wedding day.

Why Couples Don’t Take the Time to Get Their Foundations Right?

There are so many reasons why couples don’t take the time to lay the foundations for their wedding planning:

  • they are so excited to start planning
  • they don’t actually know what to do
  • they don’t understand what is important
  • they see it as a waste of time
  • it is definitely not the fun part of planning a wedding


As the saying goes “No pain; No gain” and this is exactly true when it comes to planning your wedding.

It is doing the tedious work at the start to gain the benefit of being able to LOVE being engaged and planning your wedding. As well as the long-term benefit of financially being able to embark on all the exciting things that happen after your wedding day.

Plan Your Wedding

So What Are the Foundations That You Need to Get Right?

In a nutshell, the 2 overarching foundations you need to get right are:

  1. your numbers
  2. the design of your day


When it comes to your numbers, this includes:

  • knowing exactly how much you have to spend
  • knowing how much to allocate for each item so you can choose what to have and what to exclude
  • how many guests you can afford to have attend


Whereas, the design of your day focuses on:

  • creating a day that focuses on what’s important to you and what you can afford
  • choosing an appropriate venue
  • finding suppliers and items that fit with your budget and vision.

I have learnt that just like any multi-stepped task, taking the time to get these foundations right is imperative for smooth, stress-free wedding planning. 

How To Do This

It’s all well and good to understand what to do, but knowing HOW to do it and in what order can be so confusing.


Which is why I have created “The Fool-Proof Wedding Planning Guide” for couples just like you.


This step-by-step guide is the exact system that I use when I plan weddings and events, regardless of how big or small they are.


It is the system that I have refined over many years, that ensures I stay on track and on budget, and continue to love the planning and execution time after time after time.

By sharing my system, my hope for you is that you love planning your wedding and that you are able to enjoy life after your wedding day, not trapped in a cycle of debt.


“The Fool-Proof Wedding Planning Guide” is launching soon so follow me on Instagram or Facebook @iconicweddingsperth or email me ( to join my mailing list to be notified of when it lands.


I can’t wait to share it with you.


BTW, if you additional need help specifically with your budget, check out my article titled “The Most Important Thing To Do When Planning Your Wedding


Nat x


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