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Finding perfect wedding suppliers

3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Suppliers

How lucky are we that in 2021 the number and range of suppliers out there for you to choose from for your wedding day is endless? Some would say HECK YES. Others would disagree, as trying to find that perfect match is so difficult and overwhelming. If this is you – I get it.  This is why I am sharing with you my 3 easy steps to finding your A Team for your big day. Step 1: Scroll and Save

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DIY weddings

The Real Truth About DIY Weddings

As more venue options pop up and couples embrace the idea of designing a day that reflects who they are, we are seeing far more DIY weddings, or “Do It Yourself” weddings. Many couples choose to do a DIY wedding because of the thought that it is cheaper. But is it? This article will share the real truth about DIY weddings so you know what you are getting into BEFORE you get yourself in too deep! What are DIY Weddings?

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Design your reception floor plan


You know what you want your wedding day to feel like and a rough idea of what you want it to look like. But how do you make that dreamy vision into a fabulous and functional floor plan? Yeah, I get it! It can be tricky. So here’s my 5 step process for getting it right to make it comfortable for your guests and easy for your suppliers to do their best work. Step 1 – Service Areas Start by

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6 things not to scrimp on for your wedding day


Weddings can be expensive beasts and a wedding budget can grow into a scary thing! And when life expenses are tugging us in every direction and our wedding “want list” is long, it’s difficult to figure out where we can cut back in our wedding budget to save some money. Let me promise you that there are definitely areas to do this. BUT I’m a firm believer that there are 6 things that you don’t mess with! Check out my

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Wedding Budget tips

The 5 Best Wedding Budget Tips

Managing your wedding budget has to be one of the most stressful parts of planning your wedding. Because, let’s be honest, there’s very few of us who can afford to have an open budget on spending for the day. So if you find that your wedding budget has become a beast of its own, here are 5 tips to reduce your wedding budget and have the day of your dreams without paying back debt for years to come. Before we

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Wedding alcohol catering

Wedding Alcohol Catering

Wedding alcohol catering is something that confuses so many couples. Knowing what to supply; what type of bar package to choose; how much to organise for the event, and the logistics around glassware – there’s so much to consider when all you want to ensure is that your guests are happy and hydrated!! So, here’s a run down of all things wedding alcohol catering for you to consider. WHAT SHOULD YOU HAVE? It is common for guests to start on

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Will You Be My Bridesmaids?

Flower Dads. Flower Men. Flower Grannies. BridesMen. BridesKids. GroomsLadies. I’ve lost count of the number of bridesmaid variations that I have seen and I tell you what – I LOVE IT!!!! So, when I talk about “bridesmaids” through this article, I do not specifically mean “the women who will be carrying bouquets with you as you walk down the aisle”. I am talking about the people that you choose to surround you, who are to be labelled your “bridal party”.

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wedding planning assistance

The Secret to Budgeting For Your Wedding

A recent Moneysmart article ( stated that based on a survey they conducted: “… 82% of couples dipped into their savings to pay for their wedding. Another 60% got a loan and 18% used their credit card.” And when the average wedding is costing Australian couples $36,000 (with West Australians coming in slightly below the Australian average at $32,000), it is easy to see why weddings cause so much stress amongst couples. You Do You Now, if dropping $32,000 on

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How to plan a wedding

8 Top Tips To Nail Your Wedding Planning

Woop woop!! You’re engaged and busting to start planning your dream wedding. You know (kind of) what you want your wedding day to look like but starting seems a little bit daunting. Never fear – I’ve got your back. Here are my 8 top tips when planning a wedding, which I have pulled together because I have seen the chilled brides nail these. And sadly, way too many others who find their wedding planning overwhelming and frustrating – not nail

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On The Day Wedding Coordinator

On The Day Wedding Coordinator – Do You Need One?

The use of an On The Day Wedding Coordinator has become quite a common thing. So much so, that I regularly see couples sending out enquiries for someone to do this work in the very early stages of their wedding planning process – sometimes even as soon as they have booked their date. But do you actually need an On The Day Wedding Coordinator? Or is this just one of those things that couples see other couples doing and so

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Plan Your Wedding

Plan Your Wedding – Why It’s So Important To Get Your Foundations Right First!

Like any complex task, when you begin to plan your wedding it is vital that you spend the time laying the foundations for what is to come. Think of building a house – builders don’t just chuck down some concrete so they can get the walls up quickly. It is imperative that they take the time to get the concrete pad perfect – measurements, angles, consistency – otherwise the entire house will come crashing down in time to come. This

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Creating your Running Order

Creating Your Wedding Running Order

A Wedding Running Order is an essential document for any wedding – big or small.  With so many elements, suppliers and people requiring coordination throughout the days, not having a Running Order is like trying to drink your favourite cocktail with a paper straw….. it will be ok at the start, but after a while it will all fall apart (yep, not my favourite part of being environmentally conscious!) What is a Wedding Running Order? A Wedding Running Order is

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Wedding planning resources

Top 5 Wedding Planning Resources

With so many elements involved in a wedding day, it is vital that you are armed with functional wedding planning resources to keep you on track, in control and on budget. Regardless of whether you are an electronic guru or a lover of the old school paper and pens, find a system that works for you to keep all of your notes, quotes and records up to date and handy. Whatever system you use, it needs to be: easily accessible

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Wedding Coaching; Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner v’s Wedding Coach

Weddings can be a beast of a thing. And knowing how to plan a wedding can feel like you are trying to tame the beast! They have so many moving parts; so many people to coordinate; so many expectations and opinions to navigate. I don’t think I’m off the mark to say that weddings can consume and overwhelm us – if we let it! So to have a wedding planner is a fabulous idea. Someone who loves checklists, spreadsheets and

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Stunning Outdoor Ceremony Locations In Perth

Perth is blessed with stunning beaches, a picturesque river and oodles of grass, bush and parklands for us to enjoy. Meaning there are loads of outdoor wedding ceremony locations in Perth! For those of you that know me, I’m a huge fan of having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same place. It cuts down on logistics, saves money and just makes it so much easier for your guests. But I understand that this is not always possible within

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10 Incredible D.I.Y Wedding Venues in Perth

If you love the idea of creating your wedding day EXACTLY how you want it, you are good at organising or you have engaged a Wedding Planner for your day, then a DIY wedding venue is the perfect place for you. In recent times, we have seen a large number of DIY wedding venues in Perth pop up in all different shapes and sizes – so you can guarantee that there is one that is beautifully you. Here is my

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10 Unmissable Perth Wedding Venues

Finding the perfect wedding venue in Perth can be tricky. Whether you want views, privacy, something quite different or a DIY space to make exactly you…. there is a wedding venue in Perth that will be perfect for you. However, all of this choice can be quite overwhelming and confusing, and with so many newbies popping up, it’s difficult to keep up to date with what is out there. Booking your wedding venue should be the first thing you lock

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Top Tips on How to Plan Your Wedding From Perth Wedding Suppliers – Part 2

Wedding planning can be painful, overwhelming and tedious…. but it doesn’t have to be. This entire blog is focused on providing tips and tricks on how to plan your wedding and begin searching for your perfect Perth wedding supplier. Buckle in for Part 2 – I hope it’s helpful for you. FOOD – GRAZING TABLES – The Long Table Perth Fbk – @thelongtableperth Insta – @thelongtable_perth How to select a grazing table company? 1. Make sure you check that

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Top Tip on How to Plan Your Wedding from Perth Wedding Suppliers – Part 1

Weddings have so many moving parts and each element of it is a little bit same-same and quite a bit different!! So how on Earth are you supposed to know all of this when you are figuring out how to plan your wedding? Well, you don’t!! So, I asked some of Perth’s amazing wedding suppliers a few simple questions to get the inside scoop on how to plan your wedding and commence planning with suppliers from their speciality area. Here

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Wedding Cancellations and Postponements – What are you entitled to amidst covide19?

If you are one of the many couples who have had to cancel or postpone your wedding due to this pesky virus called “Covid19”, my heart breaks for you. I understand the frustration, the annoyance and the desire to have something so bad. Making the decision to cancel or postpone your wedding date is one thing. But what refunds or reimbursement are you entitled to if one of your suppliers is not available, or you change your mind about something

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How to make guest list that fits with your perfect wedding day

Planning your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life, but the reality is that it causes so many couples oodles of stress and worry. And this is not surprising given the pressure so many couples put on themselves to create “the perfect” day whilst sticking to a budget and keeping everyone happy. So first things first – how do you work out your guest list so that it fits with your idea of your

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Top Tips On How To Plan A Wedding

Knowing how to plan a wedding can be confusing and stressful – where to start; what order to do things; what options are out there; am I get ripped off? So many couples start researching with such enthusiasm and excitement, but get overwhelmed with finding a venue or after after locking this in. So often I hear them say “well, what should I do next?” or “what do others do now?”  Although I am a firm believer that your wedding

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3 Key Ways To Select Your Perfect Wedding Colours

The colour scheme of your wedding day is the heart of the entire aesthetic (or look) of your day. Get it right and the look of all the elements of your wedding day will fit seamlessly together and decisions on what to choose will be easier. Get it wrong, and your wedding day will look like a mixed bag of lollies with ideas, colours and styles all over the place. Nowadays, Pinterest and Instagram make researching the perfect look for

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Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Water views or bush setting? Marquee or inside? Sumptuous feasts or dancing under the stars? What do you see when you dream about your ideal wedding day? A wedding venue sets the tone for your day; creating the feel and style that aligns with your vision. It is one of the big spend items that can dictate other costly parts of your day and helps the other elements fall into place during your planning. Therefore, it is vital that you

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The Most Important Thing To Do When Planning Your Wedding

When you think of your wedding what is the sexiest thing you can think of? What gets your heart racing and kicks off those feelings in your stomach? So much so that it aches to have to wait for your incredible day! I can guarantee that the answers to this question are widely varied but I’m not sure if anyone would say BUDGETING! Sadly though, getting intimate with your budget and knowing it inside out before you start planning your

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How to save money when planning your wedding by thinking outside the box

Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks It’s funny how things change with time and new ideas gather momentum. What so many once HAD to do tends to become what so many don’t WANT to do! And planning weddings is no different. This is even far more noticeable when we acknowledge that our society is so far from the typical 1950s “mould” – the majority of our couples we marry are living together before marriage; have kids and a mortgage before marriage;

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WA Wedding Celebrant – Lesley Gasmier

What to look for and how to choose a Celebrant, and tips to write beautiful vows When couples commence planning their wedding, they generally have an idea about the look or feel that they want for their wedding day; the venue or general location they are considering; sometimes even the photographer. However, it is rare that they know which Celebrant they want to use. Role of a Celebrant A Celebrant’s role is to make everything legal. They are the person

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