MY Story

Wedding Coaching; Wedding Planner

Natalie Gasmier

Wedding Coach / Event Planner 

I have always been an organised person. Like, REALLY freakishly organised! And I have always gained so much satisfaction from helping others. So it made sense that my first career path was Secondary Teaching, specialising in Physical, Health and Outdoor Education. I loved so much about it, especially the role I played in so many young lives. It was challenging, fun, inspiring and rewarding.

Fast forward the years, and my hubby and I now have 3 kids. Life is busy, but my desire to help others and organise events and activities still burns strong. I am determined to be present for my family and be a solid role model for our kids, reinforcing to them about the importance of contributing and assisting others.

Two ideas that I passionately believe is that everybody needs to be true to themselves and that things don’t need to be overly complicated for something to be amazing. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to weddings. Too many times I have seen couples commit to a wedding that came with a massive bill beyond their means because they thought this was the only way to do it.

So I am extremely proud that Iconic Weddings is able to help couples navigate the planning journey to have a day that is uniquely and stunningly them – knowing that they have options, have someone to rely on for support and advice, and that their day will hold true to the things that are important to them.



Iconic Weddings has had a number of faces since it began in 2016.


“Pop Up Weddings”

With a strong desire to offer couples another way to celebrate their wedding day, Iconic Weddings began as a premium “pop up wedding” service. With everything organised for them, it gave couples the opportunity to have a stunning ceremony and intimate celebration without the work, stress and price tag usually associated with a wedding. This worked by having a number of couples getting married with us on the same day. Which meant I worked hard to ensure all logistics were meticulously planned to ensure no couple saw another on their wedding day! Talk about planning for all possible scenarios!!!

Complete Ceremony and Reception Packages

As the popularity of “pop up weddings” declined here in Perth, Iconic Weddings began to offer complete ceremony and reception packages. Again, it was all organised and personalised for our couples – celebrant, photographer, furniture, florals, drinks and food. And damn, didn’t we create incredible memories and stunning days.


Stackwood’s Event Coordinator

2019 arrived and I was fortunate enough to be asked to contract to the amazing Fremantle blank canvas venue, Stackwood, as their Event Coordinator. Working with an enormous number of couples to plan and execute their D.I.Y. wedding has been so much fun! Planning a wedding or event in a blank DIY space offers endless possibilities and oodles of opportunities for things to go wrong. So the challenge has been such a buzz.


Wedding Coaching and Online Resources

As we now roll out of 2020 (the year we will all remember!) and into 2021, it is now time to use all of that experience rattling around in my head to help couples planning their wedding. The fresh face of Iconic Weddings is offering couples affordable help to plan their wedding with resources,  workshops and personalised wedding coaching. 

Iconic Weddings’ mission is to ensure that couples LOVE planning their wedding and avoid the common speedbumps and potholes of wedding planning. Why make the same mistakes and waste so much of your precious time when you can lean on someone who has done it so many times over?

How lucky am I to have the opportunity to be involved in a couple’s love story which will be part of their story forever.