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Wedding Coaching; Wedding Planner

Natalie Gasmier

Event Planner

I have always been an organised person. Like, REALLY freakishly organised! And I have always gained so much satisfaction from helping others. So it made sense that my first career path was Secondary Teaching, specialising in Physical, Health and Outdoor Education. I loved so much about it, especially the role I played in so many young lives. It was challenging, fun, inspiring and rewarding.

Fast forward the years, and my hubby and I now have 3 kids. Life is busy, but my desire to help others and organise events and activities still burns strong. I am determined to be present for my family and be a solid role model for our kids, reinforcing to them about the importance of contributing and assisting others.

Two ideas that I passionately believe is that everybody needs to be true to themselves and that things don’t need to be overly complicated for something to be amazing. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to weddings. Too many times I have seen couples commit to a wedding that came with a massive bill beyond their means because they thought this was the only way to do it.

So I am extremely proud that Iconic Weddings is able to help couples navigate the planning journey to have a day that is uniquely and stunningly them – knowing that they have options, have someone to rely on for support and advice, and that their day will hold true to the things that are important to them.