6 things not to scrimp on for your wedding day


Weddings can be expensive beasts and a wedding budget can grow into a scary thing! And when life expenses are tugging us in every direction and our wedding “want list” is long, it’s difficult to figure out where we can cut back in our wedding budget to save some money. Let me promise you that there are definitely areas to do this. BUT I’m a firm believer that there are 6 things that you don’t mess with! Check out my list below.

1. Photography

Photos are inanimate objects that are able to recreate the feelings of that moment and event in an instant.  Your wedding day is one of those life events that won’t ever happen again. And when you have spent so much time and money bringing this day to life, to be able to relive the day is priceless. We often believe that we will be able to remember special moments forever. But over time our memories fade. Having images from your day to look back on allows you to cement your memories in your mind and heart forever – and isn’t this what life is all about? So don’t cut back on photography just to ease the burden on your wedding budget.

2. Anybody who can help to take away the stress through your planning and on the day

Picture this – you spend 12mths (maybe more!) planning your special day. You start with excitement but every day becomes more and more stressful and overwhelming. The number of arguments with your partner and even family members increases until you get to the point that you are over it all. Done! And all you want is for it to be over. The day arrives and you then spend most of your day occupied with organising, dealing with spot fires so that you just can’t relax. That’s not how it’s supposed to be! Allocate some money in your wedding budget to find someone who you can work with along the way and on the day to ensure you are present for every moment and love your day when it arrives.

3. Alcohol quantity

What’s the easiest way to annoy your guests? Run out of alcohol, that’s how! With so many options to return unused alcohol, there is no excuse for you to run out of drinks. And if you have no idea how much to get, most alcohol stores have a person that can assist you with quantities. Also check out my article “Wedding Alcohol Catering” to help you figure it all out.

4. Food quantity

Now if your guests are going to get stuck into the celebrations, it is vital that you be a responsible host and provide sufficient food to soak up that booze! Not only is it important to ensure that you have enough food for the duration of the event, but getting the type of food and timing of service right is key. Keep in mind that once your guests start drinking, they will begin to want something to nibble on. And as the night progresses, they will generally need more food to keep them going. Finding the balance of having enough food but not too much so it goes to waste can be a tricky balance, so take some time to think about how you will get this right.

6 Things you should not scrimp on for your wedding day

5. Furniture quantity

Weddings are long events and it is likely that you will have a variety of aged guests attending. As a guest, it makes for an unpleasant experience if you are forced to stand when all you want to do is sit! As a guide for a cocktail wedding, work on having 1 seat for 50% – 60% of your guests. (Please note, that this will be dependent on the age of your guests and how many pregnant ladies attend.) Organising seating based on this number means that people will still mingle with each other, but will also have the opportunity to sit when they want.

6. A Celebrant who fits you

When you strip it all back, the point of your day really boils down to marrying your special someone and your ceremony. So finding a Celebrant that can tell your story, and fits who you are and what you value is so important. Take the time to research Celebrants out there. It’s a great idea to arrange to chat with a handful of them and see who you click with. Paying a bit more money to get the right Celebrant for you is worth the money in your wedding budget to ensure that the heart of what you are doing on the day is what you want and true to you.

I always liken a wedding to a big jigsaw. There are so many elements and moving pieces that eat into your budget, it can seem like a massive and overwhelming task. This is why I wholeheartedly believe in taking the time to lay your foundations so you know where your money will be spent and what your day will look like. There is a huge difference between knowing how much you want to spend and just booking the cheapest elements along the way v’s knowing your wedding budget and working your planning around this amount. The first way will lead you to budget blowout and guaranteed to cause you all sorts of stress.

If you need some help in laying your foundations so you can take control of your planning and your budget, DM or email me. It only takes a few short hours together to give you the knowledge and skills to get you on track and moving in the right direction.


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