Design your reception floor plan


You know what you want your wedding day to feel like and a rough idea of what you want it to look like. But how do you make that dreamy vision into a fabulous and functional floor plan?

Yeah, I get it! It can be tricky. So here’s my 5 step process for getting it right to make it comfortable for your guests and easy for your suppliers to do their best work.

Step 1 – Service Areas

Start by selecting where service areas need to be in your floor plan. This is primarily anything food and drinks.

Consider factors such as:

  • lighting requirements (eg oyster shuckers will need good light to work)
  • weather conditions (eg icecream carts and grazing tables should not be set up in the sun)
  • water / kitchen access
  • proximity to power
  • safety of your guests (eg paella and woodfired pizza set ups need to be away from foot traffic to avoid accidents)
  • sufficient room for people to move around and past the set up

Step 2 – Dancefloor, baby!

Next choose where your dance floor will go.

  • Keep it away from high traffic areas, doors, toilets or service areas (such as the bar, grazing tables, dessert tables, etc).
  • Dance floor can be off to the side or as the central focus point of the room (ie tables around the outside).

Step 3 – Just Add Music

Figure out the location of your DJ, band or playlist set up.

  • Try to keep it as close to the power supply as possible (to avoid power cords running across the floor).
  • Ideally put them against a wall or in a corner
  • Is this where speeches will be conducted from? Is this location easily visible for your guests? If not, where will the speeches take place?

Step 4 – Sit Yo’self Down

Seating is the next thing to place. This might include tables and chairs, high bar tables and stools, lounge areas, bench seats. Begin to place this around your floor area. Things to consider:

  • Make sure you have sufficient seating for your guests. Not too much. Not little.
  • Ensure there is sufficient space for people to move safely past and gather at service areas.
  • Keep tables and seating a good distance from the dancefloor – nobody likes to get knocked into by crazy dancers doing their best rendition of the sprinkler!
  • Is there enough space for people to get in and out of their chairs? That includes on the sides AND behind.
  • Put some consideration to keeping guest chairs away from the table legs. How annoying is it when you kneecap yourself on a table leg?!?!
  • Don’t set up tables right outside the toilets!

Step 5 – All The Other Things

Finally consider any other elements. This might include:

  • Photobooth
  • Wishing Well
  • Guest book table
  • Photo board
  • Seating Charts
  • Welcome signs
  • Lawn games

Get your Floor Plan right and it allows your guests to relax and your suppliers to deliver their best service. Get it wrong and it can be uncomfortable and ugly.

Need some help in actually getting the flow right? Reach out and we can sit down and have this nailed in no time. DM me or send me a message through my Contact page – link is here.

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