3 Key Ways To Select Your Perfect Wedding Colours

The colour scheme of your wedding day is the heart of the entire aesthetic (or look) of your day.

Get it right and the look of all the elements of your wedding day will fit seamlessly together and decisions on what to choose will be easier.

Get it wrong, and your wedding day will look like a mixed bag of lollies with ideas, colours and styles all over the place.

Nowadays, Pinterest and Instagram make researching the perfect look for a wedding day easy. Couples can scroll, pin, save, tag everything that catches their eye and makes them dream of their perfect wedding day.

But what happens when a couple have SO many different colours, looks and styles that they love? The entire process becomes overwhelming, difficult and all the options available now seem like one big headache.

So to simplify this process to help you out, we chatted with Jane from “Green Vase Flowers” for her 3 key ways to select the perfect colour scheme for your wedding day.

#1 – Work with your venue

It is likely that the venue you have selected for your wedding day (ceremony and / or reception) will say a great deal about the type of wedding that you want. So it can also be an excellent guide as to the colours that would be best suited to your day.

Look closely at the surroundings of your venue – is it a dark space? Full of greenery? Does it have a fairly neutral palate ie whites/ creams? Or is it busy with many colours?

Taking note of this will assist you in ruling out certain colours and figuring out what will really compliment and pop in that space.

If you are unsure, ask the venue or search for images of past events or weddings that have been held there and see what you feel works for you. With this in mind, it is important to not lock in a colour scheme until you have chosen your venue.

#2 – Consider the style of your wedding

When you picture your dream wedding day what does it FEEL like? Is it traditional and classic; or fun, relaxed and one big party; or is it intimate and romantic?

Colours and their tones have a magical way of making us feel.

Hot pink may not be the ideal colour for your pretty, romantic wedding that you have been dreaming of, but a pale shade of pink or blush is likely to be a much more suitable selection.

So by knowing what feeling you want for your wedding day can give you some direction as to the best colour palette for you.

#3 - Go with what you like

Do you have a favourite colour or one that you are always drawn to? Or do you have some colours that you know you DON’T like?

Rather than going with the latest trend or colour from Pantone, stick with what sits best with you.

If you don’t know, take the time to scroll Pinterest and Instagram and save images that you love. Have a look at your wardrobe or a room that you have styled. Then, go back through all of these and figure out what it is about each image you like. See if you can find a recurring colour that keeps popping up.

Jane’s advice to couples is to keep it simple.

When couples try to include too many colours, the look can be very disjointed, making the selection of other elements for the day even more difficult.

This is not to say that you need to choose only one or two colours, but let a few colours be the heroes of the day and the others can be there for support!

And if it is all still too hard, find a florist that fits into your budget and you love their work, and go and chat with them. Take your inspo photos and snapshots of your venue and ask their opinion. Good florists will have suggestions for you and will know what works (and what really doesn’t!!) from their experience.

Once this decision has been locked away, THEN you can go ahead and design your invitations, choose the bridesmaids’ outfits, select the perfect flowers and decide on how to style your reception.

Like a cog in a wheel, this decision allows the others to flow naturally behind it.