Finding perfect wedding suppliers

3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Suppliers

How lucky are we that in 2021 the number and range of suppliers out there for you to choose from for your wedding day is endless? Some would say HECK YES. Others would disagree, as trying to find that perfect match is so difficult and overwhelming.

If this is you – I get it.  This is why I am sharing with you my 3 easy steps to finding your A Team for your big day.

Step 1: Scroll and Save

Gone are the days of compiling a scrapbook full of magazine cut outs. Creating an “Inspo Board / Dream Board” is now as simple as opening Instagram or Pinterest, scrolling and saving or pinning things that catch your eye.

With social media being a total rabbit warren, use the hashtags to narrow down your search to your location, eg. #perthweddingplanner , #weddingplannersperth. This should give you more results of suppliers in your area of choice.

As a starting point, have a scroll through the Iconic Weddings Instagram page to see some of the incredible suppliers in Perth that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Step 2: Stalk

Now I don’t mean stalk in a dodgy, creepy kinda way. I mean stalk as in look more into the work of the suppliers who you have discovered in your scrolling.


Follow them on social media and check out their website.

Read how they write their content and reply to comments to get a feel for who they are and what they value.

Look for more reviews.

Check out their packages.

Step 3: Hot Date Time

Was it love at first sight? Or did it take a while for them to warm on you? Whatever way your love has started to develop, it’s now time to date your shortlist of suppliers.


Get in touch with your shortlist of suppliers and ask for a time to chat with them.


And once done, go with your gut feeling on which supplier feels like the right fit. Just remember to ensure that your gut knows your budget and isn’t punching above its weight!!

I get it – you are busy and time is precious. But I cannot emphasise to you enough how important it is to take the time to work through these steps to find the perfect suppliers for your day. Taking the time to lay your foundations at the start of your planning is the only way to ensure a smooth planning journey. This will allow you to love this special time of your life – one that you will only get the opportunity to do once!

Want some more tips on how to plan your wedding? Check out these two articles jam-packed full of advice from Perth-based suppliers – Part 1 and Part 2 are must-reads.

And if you want some more personalised help with how to do this, get in touch with me. I can help you lay your foundations and create a roadmap for you to move forward with your planning with confidence and clarity, saving you time and money.


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